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How can we promote and support women in political leadership?

"Women are perhaps the most under-utilized resource." Elsie Hambrook, Chairperson, NB Advisory Council on the Status of Women

As individuals we can all do something such as:

  • Educate ourselves about women’s political leadership and the barriers women face

  • Consider what we think and say about women in leadership roles

  • Promote women’s leadership and progress in our daily activities and conversations with others

  • Point out the ingrained attitudes others publicize

  • Share our views and concerns with our MLAs and the political parties we support

  • Participate in groups and other causes that promote women’s political leadership

  • Donate to the cause

  • Help a woman candidate with her campaign

  • Lobby government for electoral reform

Have a look at the Equal Voice New Brunswick Chapter sponsored event- She Can: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Leaders that was held on January 20th, 2018 

Politicians can:

  • Openly support women’s political leadership

  • Challenge other politicians to do the same

  • Work to eliminate the confrontational culture of politics

  • Support more family-friendly policies and working conditions by advocating for and implementing work/life balance measures

  • Influence institutions to be more welcoming to women of all backgrounds

Political parties can encourage women to run by:

Women leaders can help potential candidates by: 

Community  leaders and organizations can:

  • Promote the leadership of women

    • Host workshops and info sessions

    • Develop websites for girls and young women about women in politics and leadership

  • Educate the public and media on the benefits of women’s leadership and the barriers they face

  • Lobby the media for fair and equal representation of female candidates and female politicians

  • Launch advertising campaigns during an election

  • Lobby government for electoral reform

  • Apply a gender lens and intersectional lens to their mission and activities

  • Connect women considering leadership with women who are leaders

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